For Adults

A Comedy Night With a Conservation Twist

Your town needs a minging mascot!

Each night has about six acts and an MC (president for life, Simon Watt). All the comedians have ten minutes to humorously champion an endangered ugly species of their choice and convince the audience that their animal should become the society’s emblem. At the end, the audience votes for what is to become the local branch’s mascot. 

For example, Edinburgh's mascot is the gob faced squid, Winchester's is the Scrotum Frog, Dublin's is the Horseshoe bat.

We have gigged in comedy clubs, theatres, zoos, museums, at festivals and more.

Bec Hill at one of our performances at the Wellcome Collection.
Backstage with Ellie Taylor, Simon Watt, Helen Arney and Jim Bell
Simon Watt MCing our gig at Glastonbury
Elf Lyons at our gig in the Grant Museum
Sarah Benetto at our Glastonbury gig

You can also book Simon Watt's solo show, Frogs and Friends. 

Here, Simon explores why frogs are better than most of the people he knows and how studying them has changed the world.  This show has been performed at the Natural History Museum, in London Zoo, and in science festivals, theatres, museums and oddly enough, even a few embassies around the world.

Previous acts have included; Sarah Pascoe, Suzi Ruffell, Ellie Taylor, Raymond Mearns, Helen Arney, Dan Schrieber, Iszi Lawrence, Steve Mould, Jonny Berliner, John Hastings, Tom Toal, Paul Foot, Sarah Bennetto, Bec Hill, Ian Stirling, Steve Cross, Dean Burnett, Kevin Fong, Rachel Wheeley, Eleanor Morten, Matthew Heighton, Ryan Dalton ,Elf Lyons, Tiernan Douieb, Ben Van Der Velde, Ally Houston, Bush and McCluskey, Punk Science, Chris Dunford, Jen Harrison,  Zara Gladman, Lewis Dean, Claire Asher, Jamie Gallagher, Kate Cross, A F Harrold, Erica McAlistar, Stevyn Colgan, Andrew Holding, Jamie DSouza, Emily McQuade, Mathew Baylis, Arna Speck, Nigel Lovel and Jim Bell.