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The Ugly Animal Preservation Society.

Comedy with a conservation twist.

8th September 2022

will be the first International #UglyAnimalDay

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No public gigs coming for a while.

We had a great time in Belgium recently at Nerdland and the Millenium Film festival. 

More on the way soon.


The Ugly Animal Preservation Society was established in 2012 by Simon Watt to raise the profile of some of nature's more asthetically challenged creatures.


For too long the cute and cuddly creatures have ruled the roost!

Everyone already knows the panda, the polar bear and the snow leopard. 

Isn't it about time we heard more about the dromedry jumping slug, the aye aye and the blob fish.

We share our love of these neglected animals the only way we know how- by being silly about the science!

Come see us live at our "comedy night with a conservation twist" for adults only audiences.

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"The animals are truly ugly, in the most majestic way."

"Less Barbie dolls, more blobfish please!  Must be mandatory reading for all elementary school curriculum. And while we're at it, perhaps make some stuffed uakari and axolotl to replace the ubiquitous Elsas and Anna's..."

"A delightful example of humor used to illuminate a difficult topic."

"It is worth a read if you are an animal lover, or just have a twisted sense of humor."

"funny interesting awesome"

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